Three Good Reasons to Become a New York Real Estate Appraiser

Female New York Real Estate Appraiser

Becoming a New York home appraiser may be the right career choice for you.

What is one of the first questions almost everyone has about a home for sale they like? How much is it? As you continue to research more for-sale homes, you may see two identical homes with similar amenities. The prices however could be completely different. Why? How does the buyer really know the house is worth as much as the real estate agent says? What if there is a bank making a loan for that purchase? How can they be sure they are financing something worth the actual price?

I’m glad you asked. 🙂 The price difference hinges on the valuation of the property. Valuation is just a fancy way of saying “how much it’s worth”. Who are you going to call? The one person who certifies this value: the New York real estate appraiser. And,there are rarely enough real estate appraisers to get the job done quickly. Potential homebuyers who are very excited about their new purchase and want to move quickly on finalizing the sale might have to wait two or three weeks just to get the appraisal done – which can be really nerve racking.

First Reason to Become a New York Real Estate Appraiser:
Being the Voice of Trust

Understandably, buying or refinancing a home is a huge financial and emotional decision.  This can cause anxiety in your clients. They need someone they can trust to access fair market value; someone their State has examined, approved, and determined has met all the necessary qualifications to make them worthy of their trust. They need you.

Whether your client is a new homeowner, the home seller, a refinancee, or a bank, you as a trusted appraiser have the duty of inspecting every detail of the house/property and making an honest assessment and valuation of that property. Your decision potentially affects the sale price and the actual sale of the property. Your findings are instrumental in the negotiation process and all parties involved rely on your reports and professional opinions. A New York real estate appraiser can be called the moral compass in a real estate transaction – a role that demands trust.

Becoming a recognized expert is another dream of a lot of people. Sometimes experts are called in to verify what others in their industry have done and sometimes they are even able to testify in court proceedings for a significant rate of pay. As a recognized expert in the real estate appraisal industry you can open new doors to many career paths you haven’t even dreamed of. From becoming an instructor to managing a team of appraisers or even being a reliable expert witness like Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel. Every type of career has their own super-stars and becoming a super-star appraiser comes with a lot of benefits.

Second Reason to Become a New York Real Estate Appraiser:
A Qualified Appraiser’s Report is Required

New York Real Estate Appraiser speaking with homebuyers

Without a qualified appraiser, you buying homes in New York just might not happen. Appraisers are key to every financed real estate transaction.

New York real estate appraisers and assessors of real estate estimate the value of land and the buildings on the land usually before it is sold, mortgaged, taxed, insured, or developed.

In New York State, certified/licensed appraisers are required to perform appraisals in any federally related transactions and real estate related financial transactions when Federal law requires the services of such appraisers. State licensed and certified appraisers are regulated by New York State Department of State, the regulatory agency who enforces the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice as well as state and federal regulations.


Third Reason to Become a New York Real Estate Appraiser:
Work Your Own Hours for Great Work-Life Balance and Pay

Becoming a New York real estate appraiser in New York, New York City and any of its 5 Boroughs takes some dedication, required education and training. But, if you enjoy setting your own hours, being in the field and not just in an office, and have a strong knack for small details, a career in real estate appraisal might be the perfect choice. People rely on your expertise, opinions and you can have a great work-life balance with, potentially, a great income. And the best part? There is a demand for qualified, honest, attentive, and reliable appraisers who can provide unbiased professional analyses and reports crucial to the real estate process. The requirements are strict but the demand is there.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact your local real estate school to find out how you can start a career as a New York real estate appraiser. In NYC, REEDC has 4 locations in 4 of the 5  boroughs of New York for your convenience where you can take any of your required courses. For more information, contact us at 800-547-6020 or visit our Appraisal Career Overview page.