Choosing the right New York Home Appraiser Classes

Which home appraiser classes should you choose?

Trying to figure out what Appraiser Classes to choose? In a metropolis the size of New York City, there may be little surprise that many schools offer appraiser classes for those wanting to become a licensed in the State of New York. Unfortunately, there are some schools that teach just the minimum required information as mandated by the State in order to begin the licensing process. Other schools, however, go beyond the prescribed curriculum to ensure that the education is real-world and practical as well as accredited.

The Real Estate Education Center (REEDC) works hard to uphold its solid reputation as a provider of quality education for people wanting to advance or change their careers in the real estate industry or choosing to complete their continuing education requirements.

Are the Appraiser Classes Convenient?

The daily hustle and bustle for many New Yorkers can sometimes make it challenging for students. It’s difficult to schedule time to take appraiser classes with so much going on. It is important to find a school that best accommodates your lifestyle and work demands.

For some insight and comparison in your search for schools, REEDC has multiple locations convenient throughout the Boroughs to students in NYC where you can take appraiser classes based on geography you intend to practice in or simply need to take appraiser classes that fit your schedule. In addition, students are able to take appraiser classes among multiple locations that offer the classes desired, which really helps offer the flexibility many students need in their busy lives. For instance, Sally might take a Basic Appraisal Principles course in Manhattan because she lives there, but a Residential Market Analysis class in Brooklyn because she works there.

Are the Appraiser Classes Taught By A Licensed Professional Appraiser?

New York State Appraisal Classes in Session

New York State Home Appraiser classes in session.

As a locally respected authority on property values, the New York real estate appraiser who has been properly trained by proven professionals, is someone who is able to present and support their findings with a high level of integrity and authority. It would be beneficial to be taught by such a professional appraiser to learn textbook academics as well as his/her actual experiences of what to expect or encounter in the real world.

Because the state has mandatory education requirements it would be simple to start a school to strictly teach what is required by the law without any explanation of why that impacts your future customers. Even though it is crucial to understand the laws which govern real estate appraisers, the most important people in your future will be your clients. Understanding and knowing the community which surrounds the home or other real estate property you will be appraising is key to providing an accurate value.

Would a buyer or seller get the most accurate value from an appraiser who has never been to the community and who drives 100 miles or more to perform the evaluation? Very likely the answer is a loud no. You, on the other hand, because you live in or near the property in question may have knowledge which is not known by an outsider. The importance of taking appraisal classes in an area you plan on practicing taught by well accomplished instructors who also practice in that same area cannot be stressed enough.

Thus, it is important to do your research and ask questions about the instructors who will hopefully dispense valuable knowledge that goes beyond just the licensing test and process.

Other Considerations

It’s possible you have found this short article by doing an Internet search to find a reliable school which offers real estate appraiser classes. Researching your school choices is a crucial first step in receiving a positive and robust educational experience. This is key to having an exciting outlook and perspective for your new profession as a licensed real estate appraiser. Some things to consider in your search include:

  1. Does the school offer personal instruction in a traditional classroom environment?
  2. Are the instructors considered trustworthy professionals in the field they are teaching?
  3. Is the primary focus of the school based in your field of study?
  4. Is the school a New York State Department of State (DOS) approved appraiser course provider?
  5. Are the appraiser classes being taught match the required classes listed by the NY State DOS?

Answering ‘no’ to any of these questions should have you crossing the school off your list. Also, when considering embarking on an online educational venture, keep in mind that learning the intricacies of real estate appraisal online can be tricky – especially when you have questions or need clarity before you are completely lost on the subject matter.

REEDC’s Real Estate Appraiser Classes

The Real Estate Education Center strives to provide a well-rounded and exemplary learning experience taught by teachers who can translate their academic and professional knowledge effectively to their students. Call REEDC at 800-547-6020 to speak to an Appraisal Career Advisor or visit us online at to learn more about what we offer to our aspiring real estate appraisers or the home apprasier seeking required continuing education credits.