Even if you’re new to real estate, you’ve already encountered lots of contracts and agreements that you’ve had to sign. Chances are that you’ve already negotiated . . .

  • Listing agreements with realtors
  • Contracts with individuals who have committed to buy your properties
  • Contracts with sellers whose properties you intend to buy
  • Applications for permits to improve buildings or develop land
  • Agreements with contractors
  • Applications for certificates of occupancy and other municipal documents

And because you are in the real estate business, you are bound to obey a number of state, federal and local laws. Some are fair housing laws that prevent real estate companies from discriminating against individuals because of their religion, racial or ethnic backgrounds, lifestyle or sexual preferences, etc. So you are legally bound to adhere to certain business practices, even if you never signed an agreement to do so.

The question is, how comfortable are you about putting your signature on contracts and agreements? Do you really what the potential risks might be? And do you fully understand the laws that you are bound to obey?

Now, thanks to a new course from the Real Estate Education Center, you can minimize the risks and empower yourself to move ahead confidently through any kind of real estate transaction. The course, Best Practices in Real Estate: Contracts, Forms and Agreements, is now accepting enrollments. It is taught by George F. Donohue, one of the most respected authorities in real estate today who has managed some of the largest and most valuable real estate portfolios in the world.

In this eight-week, 22.5-hour real estate continuing education course, you will . . .

  • Master the basics of real estate contracts and law
  • Select the most advantageous types of agreements for all your real estate activities
  • Protect yourself at all the stages of your real estate transactions
  • Negotiate effectively with buyers, sellers, service providers and other entities
  • Assure that your activities comply with fair housing and other laws

Enroll now or learn more before the class fills up.

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