Probably not, but after Argus Valuation DCF training…

You will.

Imagine if you could effectively analyze a building’s 10-15 year projections within hours, in order to clearly define the value of the property. Imagine being fully capable to determine which property is worth purchasing, without having the hassle of sifting through endless data.

 It’s possible…

Whether you are an individual seeking a career change to become a real estate analyst, or simply a real estate owner seeking a property analysis before making a purchase, ARGUS Valuation DCF software, is an effective and sophisticated tool that enables users to quickly and accurately analyze all real estate transactions.

ARGUS Valuation DCF allows you to ditch the traditional spreadsheets, while offering a unique, customized solution to assist analysts, investors, and brokers in spending less time calculating investment values & returns, and more time focusing on the profitability of a deal.

Not only does ARGUS Valuation DCF software offer personal satisfaction, but it is also an essential job skill required by most REITS today. Heightening your knowledge on the software can enhance your career, and having the skills to successfully build, edit, and audit ARGUS financial models from scratch will increase your worth as a valuable member of your team.

Beginners and intermediate users are encouraged to take part in REEDC’s brand new and innovative training program, allowing you the opportunity to polish your skill set. Industry leader, Jonathan Lehr shares his years of expertise on creating and auditing thousands of ARGUS models.

Don’t get left behind

Join the 15,000+ people globally who utilize ARGUS DCF as an industry-standard tool, and become part of a growing industry.