There are numerous board games that make you learn different things. Most games are made to teach strategy, math skills and spelling. Others make you answer many trivia questions and present facts. Other kinds teach players how to buy real estate, run a business, rent properties and even banking. A good example for these games is Monopoly, with more than 750 million people playing it and learning at the same time to become successful and manage their money.

Rochester on Board is another good example of a real estate game. It involves real estate trading, teaching players how to trade properties. The board and even the rules are similar to those of Monopoly.

The Anti Monopoly game will appeal to people who want to play a real estate and classic business, but in an opposite way than normal Monopoly. Players are able to work to get a monopoly and can also choose from different free enterprises. Additionally, it presents real legal problems that the player has to overcome before he can win the game. During the game, you can determine if your competitors are charging fair market prices or they are monopolists and wish to own all properties and charge very high fees.
Real estate games will teach you how to develop your own properties during the game by buying hotels and houses, and you will simultaneously learn that rents should be paid by those who pass by. You will also be obliged by the bank to pay different taxes and fees. You will develop buying and business skills and you will be able to determine what the best moment is to purchase a property or when to acquire an entire monopoly and develop it.

An additional thing you learn from this kind of game is creating alliances with other players who may have some properties that interest you, and also how to negotiate with them in order to gain what you wanted at the lowest price. There are many variations of real estate games, but all of them present concepts like investments and real estate training that will make you acquire negotiating skills. Usually, people who play them are those who like to consider themselves Wall Street tycoons. Children are given the possibility to learn more about real estate situations that are currently happening and can also gain memorization and counting skills that will be required in order to be successful in everyday life.

All in all, real estate games will make great family games since anyone in your household could play, with no limit of age. Parents also believe that this type of game is age appropriate for kids who already have counting skills because they can learn what it means to be a banker, how to buy properties, how to trade real estate and on top of it, have a great time winning the game.