It’s obvious that the real estate business and all the industries related to it must undergo an immediate market transformation. In the past, working as a real estate representative was enjoyable. Every month, the agents used to have up to 6 contracts, 6 transactions, meetings with mortgage lenders and almost six home inspections. At the end of the month they were waiting for the money. Then, all of a sudden, they had up to 5 buyers and almost 4 sellers who were requesting a market analysis. The agents in the commercial and residential markets did work hard.

Imagine such a schedule and how it suddenly disappears. It’s hard to believe that up to 30 homes are shown to a buyer and he/she doesn’t want any of them or that the lender refuses great credits. Imagine this situation with almost 6 buyers and all the process of discussing with the buyers and writing contracts. Think about the builders who own undeveloped land. Not paying your support staff and your contractors, but paying taxes instead is stressful. There are no house sales for the agents that advertise with their money. Imagine that the loan officer cannot obtain loans even if he tries refinancing people. Not to mention that the home inspectors are waiting in vain for agents. No one is now safe in the industry.

Yet, there is still something that can be done!

Think of another scenario. Imagine that you’re a seller or buyer of real estate. You’re looking for a green certified agent. You’re searching for an agent, probably a relative or friend, to buy your home or put it on the market. The Green Real Estate Education has given them a green certificate and they paid only $99 to discover more things about the energy efficiency and how beneficial it is for the home you want to sell or buy. Having an indoor air quality that’s healthier and cutting down the utility bills is what the Certified Real Estate Professional teaches you. The agent we’re talking about works with up to three Green Certified Home Inspectors. There are also a couple of Green Certified Mortgage Professionals teaching you about energy efficient homes.

You might be looking for a house that has LEED, Green Build, Environments for Living or Energy Star green certification. It has the same price as other houses, but it’s far better. If you want to sell your house in a year, you have to get in touch with a so called Green Certificated Real Estate Agent. He will tell you to add efficient and healthy insulation, to use non toxic paint and utilize LED or compact fluorescent products. He even has the same certification as 6,000 have all over the country.

Also, a Green Certified mortgage professional, inspector or agent will recommend you to upgrade the roof, insulation and windows. They’ll also present you the PACE concepts and the program offered by the state. PACE or Property Assessed Clean Energy plans are going to help people install water efficiency, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The costs are repaid with the utility bill or property tax bill.