As a real estate agent you should build an effective website for homebuyers and one way to do this is by taking beautiful and glossy pictures of the homes. One thing you should do is use the homes’ natural lighting because it does a better job of capturing all aspects of the home you’re selling. It’s also not a good idea to use the camera’s flash feature because it takes away from the quality of the picture.

If you’re not skilled in real estate photography, hire a professional real estate photographer. Ask to see samples of his work and get references of former clients. Have the photographer view your home and mention which rooms are your best-looking ones, and ask if he stages the home before taking the pictures. Read some reviews of local real estate photographers and visit the photographers’ websites. Make sure you choose a real estate photographer that’s easy to communicate with, and consider your budget when choosing the photographer.

Before you take pictures or bring a photographer to the seller’s home, let the homeowners spruce up the home. Give suggestions on cleaning and staging the home then tour the home one last time to ensure that the home is ready for pictures. Another idea is to take new photos of the homes every few weeks to make the homes appear fresh and new to potential buyers. This is a good idea if certain homes were on the market for some time.

Get help from the homeowners when taking pictures. Ask them which rooms they want to focus on and have them write down the best features of those rooms and how potential buyers can maximize the rooms if they purchased the home.  Arrange for certain days when you and some home stagers and photographers can meet with the sellers as to how they want the photos to be taken. You can give advice, but don’t be overbearing with it. If necessary, use the sellers’ digital camera if you can’t afford a photographer.