Execution is the key to success

This is the final installment of this blog series “The G$ System: Maximizing Your Rental Business”. The big question left is “Are you doing it? Are you “executing” what you have learned in this series?” I have trained thousands of agents in my career and every month I teach a new crop of over 150 people. All receive the same instruction but the results among individuals vary widely. Why is that? What is the difference between those who make it and build careers and those who don’t? Why are some people “players” and others “pretenders”? The answer isExecution is key to success EXECUTION!

Agents that follow through and execute based on the instruction I give them do extremely well. Why doesn’t everyone follow through and “just do it”?  There are many, many reasons. Human beings are complicated and I find this part of my work fascinating. I have seen almost every manager I have ever worked with at some point throw up their hands in frustration and say “I have told this agent what to do at least one hundred times and they still won’t do it.” This comment always brings a smile to my face because this truth is the key to effective management. “People don’t like to be told what to do. People do things they want to do.”

Motivation is hard

Motivate yourselfSo the question becomes “How do you get yourself to want to do the things I’ve taught you?” People generally “want” to do things they feel are in their best interest. Do you believe the things I teach work? I know they do but my opinion doesn’t matter here. It’s your opinion that counts. If you believe I have helped you in this series then you are probably right. If you believe that I haven’t then you are most assuredly right. You are the only person that can motivate “you”. I can’t do it but I do hope to inspire you to motivate yourself!

Confucius said “To know and not do is to not yet know. The essence of knowledge is having it and using it.” In the western school of thought, Sir Francis Bacon said “Applied knowledge is power.” To quote a contemporary, Tony Robbins says “Action is power.” As you can see, people have been struggling with their human nature since time began. The bottom line is that successful people are able to able to plan their work and work their plan. It’s all about EXECUTION!


About Greg Young

Greg Young is the owner and President of Broker Heaven NY, a real estate training and consulting firm located in Manhattan devoted to helping agents and companies reach their full potential. Greg has trained thousands of agents over his 30 year career and has created numerous rental and sales training programs.