Do You Like Me?

Trusted AdviderPeople do business with people they both like and trust. Trust implies professional competence and good service. Ask yourself what you do to get people to like you. You need a plan. Ask yourself how you get people to trust you. You also need a plan that you consistently apply to accomplish that.

How do you get people to like you? I think you already know how. Let’s face it. You have been practicing since birth. We all develop this skill set or we don’t survive very well on the planet. I shouldn’t have to teach you this. It’s more my job to remind you how important it is but here is a very simple tip. People like people who are interested in them. Ask people questions about their favorite subject, themselves! Then listen, give them your attention and show empathy. Everybody has a need to be heard and everyone likes a good listener that cares.

Do You Trust Me?

Trust takes time. Trust has to be earned by consistent behavior. Real estate agents in general are not held in high esteem by the public. This perception is often times not warranted but every agent needs a methodology to earn every potential renter’s trust. Ask yourself this question: Is it more important to you to do a deal and make money or do right by the person you are working with? If real estate is your career you need to put relationships with people ahead of making a quick buck.

I often tell agents to stop doing “deals”. Managers usually cringe when I say that. Stop doing deals and start helping human beings that like and trust you find a home. It’s all about your priorities. If you are focused on building relationships your business will get easier and more lucrative every year. You help people find shelter, a basic human need. What you do is very honorable and if you do right by everyone you work with the future is bright. If your mind set is to create as many “clients for life” as possible your business will grow through more repeat business and referrals every year.

About Greg Young

Greg Young is the owner and President of Broker Heaven NY, a real estate training and consulting firm located in Manhattan devoted to helping agents and companies reach their full potential. Greg has trained thousands of agents over his 30 year career and has created numerous rental and sales training programs.