If you’re a fan of television shows about houses, you already know that “staging a house” means decorating it in ways that will appeal to buyers.  The question is, what does that mean in practical terms?

Here are some basic strategies to apply when staging houses to help them sell faster . . .

  • Get out the clutter. Houses that are free of books, boxes, clothing and personal items sell faster. Pay special attention to getting closets empty, because buyers need a way to gauge a house’s storage capacity.
  • Paint the interior in neutral colors.  A fresh coat of white or off-white paint inside makes a property appear newer, cleaner, and larger.
  • Define rooms by placing the right furniture in them. Do put a dining-room table and chairs in the dining room and a kitchen table in the kitchen.  Put a king or queen-sized bed in the master bedroom, a full-sized bed in a guest room, and a child’s bed in a room that will serve as a child’s bedroom.  Also, put new and brightly colored shower curtains in bathrooms and have a small number of new towels hanging on towel racks.  When you “define spaces” in this way, people understand your property better and can imagine themselves living in it.
  • Pay attention to curtains, shades, and window treatments.  Keep colors light, and cover windows in ways that admit a lot of light and sunshine.
  • Clean appliances.  If the house is occupied, have just a few items – like a quart of milk – in the fridge. If the house is unoccupied, make sure the fridge is empty and spotless.  Clean the stove – both the burners on top and the inside. Also make sure that washers and dryers, if present, are spotless and empty.

Who Should Do the Home Staging for You?

Before you go out and buy furniture and other items to stage a house, do a search online for the terms “house staging” and “home staging.” You will quickly find companies in your area that will come in and stage a house for you. Some of these services will stage your house using items that are already in it. Others have “loaner” furniture that they will place in your house to stage it.

Talk to these companies and see what they will charge. In many cases, the costs are reasonable, and you can save the expense of buying furnishings to stage your house.

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