1. Social Networking: Get on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other service that can help you connect with prospective clients. And it’s not enough to just be there, you have to be active. Actively network with prospects, colleagues and industry heavyweights, and be sure to post frequent, interesting updates and maintain sleek, professional profiles.

2. Business Cards: Business cards are still a great way to drum up business. Hand them out to every potential client, but update your cards for the times — include your social media handles along with your standard contact info, and encourage prospects to reach out to you that way or via text. People are often more comfortable reaching out over the Web than with an old-fashioned phone call. If you’re looking to get cutting-edge, include a QR code on your card.

3. For Sale By Owner: Some property owners think they can make a sale by themselves. Many of them turn out to be wrong. When they decide to go with an agent, you want to be the one they call. To make sure that happens, reach out to FSBO prospects and make sure they know that you can get their deal done. Send them stat sheets that focus on deals you’ve made on properties similar to theirs, and your overall sales info for the previous year. Have any freebies like e-books? Send them along. And stay in touch! Check in every week or two to make sure FSBO prospects know you’re still interested. A well-timed call just might be the nudge into agent representation that a property owner needs.

4. Cold Call: The dreaded cold call. It can be a dispiriting grind, but it can also lead to clients you never would have found otherwise. If you keep yourself motivated you can reach out to 100 to 400 prospects in a week. If your efforts net you just one sale, it’s all been worth it!

5. Freebies: Giving someone something for free is a great way to get them to remember you, especially if it’s useful to them in their efforts to buy, sell or rent. Refrigerator magnets and keychains are well and good, but an e-book that contains some of your hard-won wisdom on preparing for open houses, things to look for during an open house, statistics, tips, etc., can be invaluable to prospects, and is a great way to help them remember you as someone who adds value to every step of the process.

6. Referrals: Referrals are gold! Always ask your current clients for referrals, and do everything you can to earn referrals by making the client experience as good as it can possibly be.