One neglected aspect of real estate marketing is social networking and it’s time to find new clients with this tool. When using social networks as a real estate agent, determine your target client in terms of age, income level and neighborhood. For example, if your target clients are college graduates who are looking for their first apartment, social networking is a great tool
because many college graduates use social networking to inquire about jobs, write blogs and met new friends. You should also write blogs on real estate topics such as buying short sale items, negotiating with sellers, getting funds for a new home, mortgage payments and having good credit in order to buy a home.

If you get e-mails from potential buyers, arrange to meet or call them to discuss certain homes they’re interested in. During the meeting, encourage questions from the potential buyers and answer these questions in a factual and professional manner. Also tell buyers about the neighborhood the homes are in and mention aspects such as crime rates, schools, city regulations, zoning codes, property tax laws, and nearby hotels, businesses and schools. Discuss the average market price of homes in the neighborhood if your client is a seller who is selling a home. Talk about ways the seller can prepare the home for sale.

On your Facebook or Twitter page, include photos of current listings for sale if you don’t have a personal website. When you post the listings include information such as the number of rooms in the homes, whether it’s furnished or unfurnished, the listing price and any unique details on the homes such as the history behind them and the neighborhoods where the homes are located. If
you’re showing rentals on Facebook, include any discounts that certain property managers offer to potential renters.

Always update your Facebook or Twitter page periodically so potential clients will see new and relevant information on it. Delete blogs that are a year older and put fresh content on it. Post announcements of real estate seminars you’re hosting for the community along with videos and audio clips which give advice to potential buyers. When you do this you’ll get more readers. Include interviews with local real estate experts as this gives you credibility as an agent. Also include new governmental legislation that will affect homeowners and renters.