Your real estate website can be one of your best forms of marketing and lead generation. It can also go ignored. To ensure the latter doesn’t happen you’ll need to rank high on search engines, the best way to do this is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO. You may be thinking, “Great! Something else I have to try and learn with my hectic schedule!!” Take a deep breath, I have good news, there is another option, you can hire a SEO Consultant. An SEO consultant understands how search engine optimization works and knows which keywords and phrases would work best in articles that relate to real estate. A good SEO consultant will also develop attention-grabbing titles, analyze content for problems and suggest ideas for improvement.

When choosing a SEO company, ask the consultant how long they have been in business and what techniques they use to ensure high rankings on search engine websites. Also ask for samples of their work and get references from their former clients. Research the search engine rankings of the company you want to hire. Inquire about what type of consulting you’ll receive to improve your website’s rankings. Ask for written details of the company’s services.

Another thing you should do is talk with the SEO specialist about what you’re looking to accomplish, how you want your real estate site to look and which target audience you want to reach. If you deal primarily in commercial leases you don’t want your site optimized with residential keywords. If you serve a very niche market of real estate let the SEO specialist know.

Last but certainly not least, is the price. You want to choose a company that offers affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of the services. Ask about their packages, more often then not, they’ll have a package that will take care of everything you need.