In an ideal situation you want to take as much time as you need to sell your home so you can get the best price from potential sellers so you can find a new home or use the profits from your sale to pay down debts and downsize to renting for awhile. But there are also times when you’ll need to sell your home fast and reasons can include a military deployment, a recent job loss or transfer, a divorce, a spouse’s death or a desire to move to another city. You can get a realtor to help you sell the house quickly or you can do it yourself with a little creativity and determination.

One good way to sell your house quickly is to ask your friends or relatives if they need to buy a home or if they know someone who needs a home. Give them your e-mail address, phone number and some digital photos of your home so potential buyers can see how your home looks on the inside. If you receive calls or e-mails from potential buyers, arrange for an open house on a day when all of them can be present to create a sense of urgency.

Another idea is to sell your home on local real estate websites. Post pictures of the best features of the home and give buyers information about the neighborhood your home is in. You can mention that your home is within walking distance of the city’s major university and high schools, or you can talk about how your home is located near family-friendly places such as restaurants, recreational centers, churches and daycares. When you list your price, make sure you look at the prices of the other homes in your neighborhood so you won’t charge too high or low for the home.

Visual appearance is important to potential buyers so if you want a quick sale, make your home look as beautiful and clean as possible. Remove clutter from the home and contact different servicemen to repair certain things in your home such as the sink, refrigerator, stove and electrical wiring. Dust all the furniture in the home and clean and wax your floors. Touch up on the paint on your walls or use new paint to give the home a fresh look. Accessorize the home with glass vases, colored plates or nice flowers. Hire a landscaper to improve the front yard.

You can also put a large “For Sale” sign in front of the house and on this sign put in large letters the price of the home plus some good selling points about the home. In addition to putting the sign in front of your home, you can hold a monthly garage sale so people can buy your valuables while learning more about your home and why it’s a good home to buy. By doing this you’re completing two tasks at one time.