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Statistics, Modeling and Finance (SMF)

Statistics, Modeling and Finance (SMF)



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Statistics, Modeling and Finance (SMF) is a 15-hour course part of the Certified Residential Appraiser series of classes at REEDC.

In this course students will learn how to interpret statistics, valuation models and finance. The course starts with a basic overview of statistics and it’s applications in the appraisal field. Measures of Central Tendency, Outliers, and Frequency Distributions are just a few of the basic concepts that will be covered.

Students will learn important definitions they need to know related to models, equations, statements, and formulas. Valuation Models with also be covered, with a focus on Computer-based Multiple Regression Analysis Modes.

This class helps students make the connection between statistics, valuation models and how it is relevant to finance and the appraisal field. Finance topics such as positive and negative leverage, equity and debt, and joint ventures are also discussed.

Topics Covered:

  • Basic Statistical Concepts
  • Valuation Models: Models, Statements, Equations, and Formulas Computer-based Multiple Regression Analysis Mode
  • Economics and Finance
  • Appraisal as Applied Economics
  • Value and Economics
  • Zero Leverage
  • The Value of Risk

Note: Students interested in becoming a Certified Residential Appraiser career paths will need to take this course before they apply for their license.

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