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The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)

This Exchange Certification Course – SHOP is required for health insurance professionals who wish to provide services to better explain and educate small business owners on the Affordable Healthcare Act (commonly referred to as Obamacare and the ACA).

This SHOP Course must be successfully completed prior to taking the Individual Exchange Certification course. SHOP is also qualified for insurance continuing education by the NY Department of Financial Services (NY DFS).

The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Marketplace makes it possible for small businesses to provide qualified health plans to their employees. Navigating the nuances of this service is key for the New York health insurance professional working with clients who come from the small business marketplace.

Another key component of this certification and continuing education course is an explanation of the roles of the producer. It also explains the tools and resources for the insurance professional. Because Qualified Health Plans are a big part of the SHOP marketplace, detailed segments on Essential Health Benefits, the Oxford Benchmark Plan, Metal Level Plans, and others are presented. How premium payments are collected in the Exchange is also covered.

This 8-hour course is presented in seven chapter-sized modules for easy comprehension and retention. It also includes a 1-hour exam. This course is broken up into 7 different modules. They are as follows:

  • Introduction to ACA
  • The New York Health Benefits Exchange
  • Qualified Health Plans
  • Eligibility, Registration, Enrollment
  • Producer Licensing and Certification
  • Producer Responsibility
  • Tools and Resources

Upon successful completion of the course producers will receive a Continuing Education certificate worth 8 credits for Accident & Health Agents (LA), P&C Agents (PC), Life, Accident & Health Brokers (LB), and P&C Brokers (BR).

You will also have the qualifications to apply for certification on the NY DFS website. After validation of the credits, the agent or broker will receive an email message prompting her or him to sign a Producer Agreement with the exchange.

After your registration has been received you will be emailed a copy of handouts to be used in the course. To ensure better performance from your learning opportunity, you should study the handouts before coming to class. NOTICE: The handouts must be printed and brought with you to the class.

Fulfill your Continuing Education Requirements now while becoming certified to work with the ACA’s SHOP exchange. You can enroll for your New York Producer SHOP Marketplace Certification by registering online below, or calling us at 800-547-6020.

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