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Agency and the Advance Disclosure Seminar (Law of Agency)


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Required Real Estate Continuing Education Course

The Agency and the Advance Disclosure Option Seminar is designed to clarify and inform real estate professionals about the agency issues surrounding real estate relationships.  Effective January 1, 2017, the New York State, Department of State, Division of Licensing Services has mandated that a review of Law of Agency be included in the 22.5 hour continuing education requirement every two years upon license renewal.

The topics covered in this course are of particular importance to the real professional in that they provide a unique understanding the issues concerning agency relationships between clients and customers.  Among these topics include a complete explanation of the purpose and meaning of the fiduciary responsibilities, vicarious liabilities, dual agencies, and sub agencies.  In addition, we will review the proper preparation and use of the Agency Disclosure form with a specific reference to your responsibility in clarifying agency roles to clients and customers.

Legislative updates, agency creation and termination, and the advance disclosure option are just a few of the other topics to be discussed.  We will review the various types of agencies – Seller/Buyer Agency, Landlord/Tenant Agency, Broker Agency, and a comprehensive discussion of the meaning and purpose of the Advance Informed Consent to Dual Agency.  Understanding these relationships are the hallmarks to effective client/customer representation.

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