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Best Practices in Real Estate: Contracts, Forms, Agreements – CE Class

Best Practices in Real Estate: Contracts, Forms, Agreements



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Don’t let something like an incorrect contract, unclear agreement, or the wrong form kill your deal.

Gain an edge on your competitors by mastering the art of preparing forms, negotiating agreements and mitigating risk by ensuring all the right forms are in order. In this class you will learn the ins and outs of documentation and transaction processing to reduce the risk of your deal becoming a casualty of not paying attention to detail.

Increase Your Knowledge & Increase Your Odds

Mastering the art of negotiation is a valuable skill to have for both investors and real estate professionals. Learn the most effective techniques to tackle your next real estate investing deal — from the ins and outs of deal-making and evaluating property, to the components of contracts, this class provides valuable training to maximize your property investment portfolio.

Apply mathematical calculations to your advantage in order to reach a positive return on investment (ROI). When buying and selling real estate, much of the negotiation is determined by the property evaluation — that’s why understanding how to arrive at the value of a property is paramount. Understand the fundamentals of a negotiation and create an actionable negotiation plan. Learn how to open up a transparent discussion with your business partner in regards to common goals, available budget and the distribution of responsibility. Discover the basics of real estate contract law – types of contracts, forms and agreements and where they fit into the real estate process. This course will give you a familiarity of contracts used prior to an agreement, versus contracts used for the closing.

This course guarantees you the tools to:

  • Close your next deal with confidence, conviction and clarity.
  • Discover the best tactics for developing successful real estate contracts.
  • Understand how laws, the unemployment rate, and vacancy rates affect the investment market.
  • Learn how to work with lawyers, realtors, and bankers to obtain the best deals available.
  • Discover how to market your listing to prospective tenants.

During this course, you’ll work with actual documents, and interact with colleagues to role-play the experience of the negotiation process.

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