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Business Ethics in Real Estate

Business Ethics in Real Estate



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Every day we as business people are confronted with ethical dilemmas. Learn how to make better decisions to improve the way you do business.

“There was a tragic murder-suicide in a home that I have listed. The sellers have asked me to keep this information confidential. Should I?”… Would you?

– Deborah H. Long

As a real estate professional, you or someone you know will have your code of ethics challenged, and/or will face similar dilemmas of contradictory rules and regulations. To be successful in this industry, it is vital to understand proper work values and the circumstances that they are applied in.

In this 7.5 credit course, students gain knowledge of ethical system models for decision-making in the industry. An objective professional perspective will be provided, setting forth values and principles that you can establish with your clients, customers, and colleagues. Students will read from Deborah H. Long’s “Doing the Right Thing”, and will be given “How Would You Respond” questions and Case Study exercises, offering real life examples that you will encounter out in the field.

Discover how to:

  • Boost your sales by applying proper work principles
  • Build and maintain client trust for future transactions
  • Identify and navigate out of immoral scenarios
  • Maintain a long and prosperous career
  • Do the right thing, and enroll today.

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