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Creative Finance For Millennium

Creative Finance For Millennium



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Real Estate Continuing Education Course

Step beyond the traditional means of financing

Now that conventional lending has buckled down and 401k’s are worth relatively less, real estate professionals are constantly seeking new ways to finance and sell properties. Now you can learn alternative solutions to solve financial problems, while maneuvering obstacles surrounding your sale.
Discover unique ways to get a property approval

Learn the numerous methods that industry professionals are utilizing to get their investments financed and to sell their properties in a timely manner. Gain the knowledge of strategies that include conventional, FHA & VA financing, lease option, or assigning the contract to give you and your investors the best possible return.

Explore ways to:

  • Make money from real estate and other investments
  • Purchase a property using less (or none) of the investor’s own money
  • Apply creative and viable solutions to master a real estate transaction

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