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Credit Repair Seminar for Real Estate

Credit Repair Seminar for Real Estate



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Have you ever had a buyer with less than optimal credit? Do you yourself need some help understanding how credit works and the pitfalls to avoid? The Credit Repair Seminar is a good resource for this.

Perform the steps to repair your credit, and avoid all misinformation

Understand credit, learn how to budget, get out of debt. You may already know the power of credit, and how it helps the economy through flow of spending… and you may also know that same effect can also harm your personal credit. What you may not know is that there are tactics to managing credit, as well as techniques to avoid spiraling out of control. Whether you are a real estate agent or broker, loan officer, financial counselor, or simply an individual seeking to improve your credit, it is important to become educated on the credit and scoring systems. Discover the factors that determine your FICO score, and master the ability to analyze your own credit report to make all changes necessary.

Learn techniques to:

  • Negotiate the interest rate
  • Develop plans based on your financial situation
  • Maintain a budget and reduce overspending
  • Understand how your credit can impact foreclosures, shortsales, and the loan modification process.

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