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Effective Buyer Representation

The Homebuyer

Buyer Representation is one of the most important disciplines in a hot market. This important 22.5-hr continuing education course for real estate agents and brokers will help to break the boundaries of the common agency relationship. Over the last 30 years, big strides have been made in the area of client representation and dual agency is being scrutinized more and more. Because of this, dual agency will occur less as time goes on. This is going to usher in an era of buyer representation being just as important as seller representation.

By understanding that agents have the option to represent the buyer OR the seller, more doors open up, allowing the agent to take on an alternative method to collect commissions. In the process, they have the opportunity to gain specialized clientele

Approx 90% of all real estate agents in NYC engage in an agency relationship that inadvertently puts buyers at a disadvantage.

Choose A Neighborhood
Picking a Community

and find a unique niche for their business to flourish. This groundbreaking course will enable agents to understand how they can best cater to buyers exclusively by
understanding the fundamental issues the buyer has to deal with when it comes to the process of buying a house or apartment. Only by understanding these issues can an agent properly represent that buyer. As the buyer agent/buyer broker, you will help facilitate the four main steps of buyer representation in the homebuying process including:

  • Selecting a neighborhood and picking a community
  • Assisting in pre-qualifying for the mortgage
  • Searching for a house
  • Assisting in the closing process
Pre-qualification for a Mortgage
Pre-qualifying for the Mortgage

Real estate is traditionally a seller’s market, but when it comes to foreign and luxury buyers in particular, a certain level of service consistent with their own needs is expected and rewarded. If working as a listing agent is losing traction in your business, keep atop of your sales strategy with this newly-respected trend or buyer representation taught in this informative 22.5-hour Real Estate Continuing Education course.

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