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Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales



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The Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales course is vital to any real estate salesperson that is interested in working in leasing, buying or selling of commercial properties.

Maintain a long and lucrative career by successfully closing all future investment transactions

Commercial real estate can be an exceptionally lucrative venture for both agents and investors, and it is vital to have the proficiency to properly conduct each deal. Whether you are currently working as a real estate professional, or completely new to the business, any level of expertise is encouraged to partake in this course.
Discussions include the process of locating commercial properties, identifying the important features that clients seek, explaining the steps to properly show the property, negotiating the business terms, and ultimately getting paid your commission.

Explore the various elements of commercial real estate to accurately determine future transactions—establishing the value of an investment, identifying types of listings, and calculating market value and return. Become familiar with key terms and concepts involved in both the valuation process and the income and expense analysis.

After taking the course, you’ll have the tools to:

  • Work full-time or part-time to create wealth and equity
  • Become your own boss and work from your own home
  • Establish your own commercial real estate business—build a strong net worth and cash flow
  • Create a schedule that best fits your personal situation
  • Make more money by working less— selling 100 single family residences may be the equivalent to selling one commercial real estate deal

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