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The secret to Ardor NY’s success has been their hard work, innovation and adaptation in a dynamic industry in the most challenging real estate market on the planet. Day by day since their inception in February 1995 they have closely scrutinized the market and their performance, always striving to improve. Businesses are no different than any living organism and changes which enable a business to better adapt to an ever-changing environment are integral for its survival and evolution.

Ardor New York Real Estate is a mid-sized firm that sells and rents property throughout New York City. They began as a small apartment rental company on the Upper East Side of Manhattan NY dealing primarily with inexpensive rent stabilized apartments. Within the first two years of their operation they were already able to become the dominant player in their market sector on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and triple their sales force.

Ardor was the first New York City real estate brokerage to display digital images of actual, available apartments on the Internet. This innovation along with the development of a proprietary database and information management system for the exclusive use of Ardor’s agents enabled them to expand into every market sector in the city.

Their sales division, launched in 2002 provides comprehensive residential real estate brokerage services to sellers, buyers, renters and landlords. Ardor agents are provided with the best technology, training and support to enable them to provide you, our clients and customers, with the highest level of service.

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