Hecht Group

Hecht Group

New York Real Estate Brokers Job Placement 

 At REEDC.com we are proud to offer proven job placement assistance to you after you graduate. Below is one of the top NYC Real Estate brokers that could be available to you with our assistance. 

We take pride in the Exceptional Customer Service which we provide our clients. Our experienced agents and their knowledge of the Manhattan real estate market will guide you in the search for your dream apartment. Our years of real estate experience and our valuable and wide based connections to numerous management companies and major landlords throughout the city are important tools to achieve success in this fast changing market.

It can be stressful and sometimes disappointing if you are unprepared for your search. Hecht Group agents will carefully listen to all your housing needs, review all the available possibilities, and then show you the best the market has to offer. We will not waste your time, as we are committed to guide you to the successful completion of your search.

As a buyer, seller, renter, client, or customer, rest assured that the service provided by Hecht Group is Honest, Sincere and Reliable. We are dedicated to finding the right home for you. Our professional agents are equipped with a wide database of available real estate in all of Manhattans prime locations. This valuable information, the right contacts, along with the knowledge of our agents, will see you through to the successful completion of your search process and meeting all the requirements of your Wish List. In addition, many of our agents speak foreign languages including Italian, Hebrew, Spanish, Korean, and others

If you would like to learn more about our individual agents, click on the agent’s picture and you will be taken to their Agent Profile page. Be sure to check the Rental Requirements page in order to properly prepare the documentation for the approval process. You should take a look at the helpful links page offers a world of information you would find useful on your move to you new apartment, from where to get the lock for your new home door to a mortgage broker.

Hecht Group
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