Century 21 Melanie Kishk Realty

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century-21-melanie-kishk-realty-black-jpegAt REEDC.com we are proud to offer proven job placement assistance to you after you graduate. Below is one of the top NYC Real Estate brokers that could be available to you with our assistance.

Century 21 Melanie Kishk Realty is one of the most prominent local real estate companies in the heart of Brooklyn! We proudly catered to mid to south Brooklyn neighborhoods for the past 18 years, and are currently looking to expand our area of expertise. Unlike most real estate companies, our agents receive comprehensive hands on training and extensive support from our back office team. They enjoy the luxury of modern CRM systems which allow them to accurately communicate with both our back office team and their clients in a punctual manner.

Here at Century 21 Melanie Kishk Realty, our goal is to help each one of our agents achieve a high closing percentage. Most firms will offer new sales agents a desk and a phone, expecting you to have all the tools necessary to succeed. We take it far beyond that. Our back office team ensures you have all the tools and paperwork necessary so that you can focus on what’s really important; making the sale! We are located just a few blocks away from the Real Estate Education Center on McDonald Avenue, in the Gravesend area of Brooklyn.

Valentin Vygovskiy

Century 21 Melanie Kishk Realty

(O) (718) 627-7390
(F) (718) 228-4878
(M) (718) 802-8802 (Text only, please)

1231 McDonald Avenue
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230