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ny-living-solutionsNew York Real Estate Brokers Job Placement 

At we are proud to offer proven job placement assistance to you after you graduate. Below is one of the top NYC Real Estate brokers that could be available to you with our assistance.

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New York Living Solutions (NYLS) offers in-the-field training that is unmatched by our competitors. Our agents receive unparalleled insider resources, skills, and sale techniques entrusted by our seasoned staff. In addition, our agents are granted access to our regularly updated in-house database consisting of thousands of property listings. NYLS evaluates potential candidates based on a commitment to work at least 6 days a week, a close following of the marketing guidelines set forth by the company, and a dedication to provide customer service to clients that is in line with the high standards NYLS was founded upon. The dynamic combination of resources provided by the firm and our agents’ own strong work ethic enables them to become top producers within the industry.

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