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At we are proud to offer proven job placement assistance to you after you graduate. Below is one of the top NYC Real Estate brokers that could be available to you with our assistance.

As the fastest growing independent residential real estate firm in New York City to date, Rutenberg Realty is proving that, particularly in a complex market, innovation can add up to the best possible experience for both the consumer and the agent.

Rutenberg’s New York City operation has grown over 30% in the last year, adding more than 450 brokers to the company since its inception and ranking the 6th largest Manhattan residential brokerage in terms of number of agents, all in spite of today’s problematic economic client. Unlike the traditional real estate model, Rutenberg’s unique structure allows the broker greater freedom and more success in running their own business.

The consumer benefits from the Rutenberg model since the broker is unencumbered by large firm protocols and free to exert more control over their own marketing and advertising techniques and budgets. The company prides itself on being a “yes” environment, where all of its brokers are on the same level playing field and given equal access to resources and opportunities. At Rutenberg Realty, the agents act as his or own CEO and is empowered to work their hardest and be their most creative in assisting the client.

Rutenberg Realty’s broker-centric philosophy has helped the company as a whole grow to more than 4,000 agents nationwide. In fact, it is the largest and most rapidly expanding independent firm of its kind in Florida, Chicago, Long Island, New York and, now, New York City.

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