NY Essential Homebuyer Workshop – Free E-book Sample

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Home Buying Manual
Essential Homebuyer’s Workshop – Free E-book sample

Anyone who is in the market to buy or invest a property in NY in 2014 should take this class.

Take a minute to preview some of the type of information you’ll learn in our Essential NY Homebuyer’s Workshop with this FREE e-book.

This class, designed for everyday people, can help anyone learn essential skills and information needed to obtain their desired home.

As the economy improves and housing market inventory increases, more and more people are becoming interested buying a home.

Greg J. Caviness

Gregory J. CavinessReal Estate Instructor and Author of the Home Buying Manual

In this e-book based on the actual textbook used in the workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Tips on how to improve your credit score
  • Which scoring factors impact your score the most
  • How to increase your chances of favor with the property seller
  • How to figure out if the area you want to move to is a good investment
  • The difference between Cooperatives and Condominiums, and tips for how to buy
  • Which factors contribute to a home having high ROI
  • …and much more, just from this free e-book

Written by instructor, Gregory Caviness, this workshop and accompanying textbook will teach anyone who takes the course the valuable skills to not only find a reliable property investment, but also understand the steps to secure financing to obtain the home they deserve.

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