Interested in an Appraiser Continuing Education Course?

At the Real Estate Education Center (REEDC), we offer the opportunity to connect with other industry professionals in the community. If you are interested in Appraiser continuing education, then look no further than REEDC. You can learn everything you need to know about renewing your license here.

Every time that a property is built, bought or sold, there is a need for an Appraiser. Appraiser professionals are a critical and integral part of the real estate world. They bring objectivity as an impartial and trusted third party to the valuation of every real property transaction in America. Take the next step in your career and profit through knowledge with one of our continuing education classes today. Appraiser continuing education has never been more convenient, sign up for continuing education courses today.

Learn More About Our Appraiser Continuing Education Options

At REEDC, our certified appraisal continuing education sources include: We offer an on-location course all about Analyzing Investment Properties, in which students learn the basic concepts of real estate investment. You can checkout our selection of Online Appraisal Continuing Education Courses here. REEDC is pleased to announce that we are now working in direct partnership with Career Webschool in order to offer a full-suite of interactive courses nationwide.

We advise students to make the commitment to taking appraiser continuing education classes on-site at any of our four locations. However, REEDC also offers online appraisal continuing education courses for your convenience. These courses are a critical step to maintaining your professional position as a New York Appraiser. All new York State Appraisal professionals must complete 28 hours of appraisal continuing education, including the 7-hour national USPAP Update Course, every two years.

Our locations are located in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Each location is conveniently placed to be close to you, whether you are coming from home or stopping by after work. Our schools are open long hours to make sure that each student receives the help and resources they need within their industry’s community. Appraiser continuing education is intended to be convenient and reliable for your benefit. To learn more about REEDC and appraiser continuing education, please call 866-595-0398 and visit