Premier Real Estate Training Center

real-estate-training-centerFor over 30 years, the Real Estate Education Center (REEDC) has been committed to providing superior quality education at our real estate training center. At REEDC, our goal is to empower real estate professionals through education, guidance and coaching.

At our real estate training center, you can find the career of your dreams. REEDC is proud to offer comprehensive training and expert instruction at our renowned education centers located throughout New York City. Our flagship institution is located in the heart of Manhattan, just steps from Times Square and the fashion district. We offer specialized education classes for real estate and more.

Leading Real Estate Training Center

At our Manhattan location and real estate training center, the support that our students receive from their skilled and experienced instructors and office staff is unparalleled. Many of our instructors have been involved in the real estate industry for decades. Our amazing instructors bring their real-world expertise to the table. Our students are prepared for what to expect once they enter this thriving industry. While job placement is provided for our students at all four of our real estate training centers, the career services department is physically located at our Manhattan location. It is through our career department that students are able to access weekly recruitment presentations from some of New York City’s top real estate firms. The unique and valuable opportunities at our real estate training center gives students the opportunity to ask questions and begin the application process.

At our real estate training center, all of our courses and instructors are approved by the New York Department of State. Students can be sure that they are receiving top quality education and expert instruction. At our real estate training center, we offer a popular “Salesperson Licensing Course.” You can sign up today and start tomorrow at our real estate training center. New students are sure to find a convenient class that works for their schedule at either our Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens location. Classes run at each of our 3 locations daily, with school exams occurring every Friday. Students are required to attend all 20 classes sessions, but can take them in any order.

To learn more about REEDC and our real estate training center, please call 866-595-0398 and visit