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Reasons to Upgrade from Plus to Elite:

Upgrading from Plus to Elite means that you’ll have full-access to our suite of resources for real estate salespersons just starting out in the field. As one of our Elite students, you’ll have everything you had in the Plus package, plus access to our Real Estate Broker Licensing Course as well as a 1-hour Mentorship with an experienced Real Estate Professional.

Your One-on-One Mentorship session is designed to be the kickstarter to your new career. Do you have any questions about the process of becoming a new agent that you wish you could ask a professional real estate broker? The 1-hour Mentorship is a really great tool for new agents as it gives you a chance to sit down with an experienced professional and make sure you’re truly ready to embark on your new career.

The Real Estate Broker Course is also included in this package for students who want the full real estate education. After holding your real estate salesperson license for 2 years and acquiring a certain amount of experience, you will be eligible to take your career to the next level and become a broker*. As a broker you’ll be able to open and operate your own real estate firm, manage other real estate agents and make higher commissions on sales.

*after taking the broker course, the state broker exam, and obtaining your Broker license.

Reasons Your Friend Should Get a Real Estate License at REEDC:

  • Our 75-hour course will fully prepare you to get your Real Estate License
  • The class can be finished in less than 1 month, only 20 classes in total are required
  • Once you have your license you’ll work in the field matching buyers with new homes in NYC
  • The cool thing about the job is the fact that you’ll have the chance to work with all different types of people
  • If you’re willing to work hard this is an extremely stable career option
Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade to Salesperson Elite
for you and a friend. Together, you’ll save over $2,500
(Instead of buying 2 elite packages separately)