The Best Online Real Estate Course

For over 30 years, the Real Estate Education Center (REEDC) has provided New York real estate licensing classes and continuing education to NY real estate agents, brokers and more. All of our courses are approved by the New York Department of State.

Today, many people are overscheduled and overwhelmed. When it comes to cultivating a successful career in real estate, the best online real estate course can change your life. Whether you are working or have a family, you can find the time to complete an online course. Many people invest their time and effort in one of the best online real estate courses to ultimately go on to experience long term professional success. Visit our online course directory to find a convenient class that works for your unique schedule.

Interested in Learning More About the Best Online Real Estate Course?

REEDC is pleased to announce that we are now working in direct partnership with Career Web school to offer a full-suite of interactive course nationwide. Once you complete the necessary courses and exams, you can begin to cultivate a career as a:

  • Buyer’s Agent: A Buyer’s Agent is dedicated to helping homebuyers find their dream home. They act as the matchmaker between their clients and the house that will become their home.
  • Listing Agent: A Listing Agent’s job is to help their client sell their home. They are committed to making the process of selling a house as smooth and efficient as possible.
  • Real Estate Broker: A Real Estate Salesperson can upgrade their career to Broker status after they have spent 2 years in the field. Once they do, they may experience higher commissions and more opportunities.

If you complete the best online real estate course, you are making an important financial investment. Real Estate professionals will always be in demand due to the arduous processes and financial significance of buying, selling or renting property. The best online real estate courses offer up-to-date information that is approved by all the necessary organizations, including the New York Department of State. To learn more about REEDC and the best online real estate course, please call 866-595-0398 and visit