Leading Online Real Estate Courses

online-real-estate-coursesThe Real Estate Education Center (REEDC) is dedicated to providing people with the best range of online real estate courses. At REEDC, all of our courses and instructors have been approved of by the New York Department of State. We have over three decades of experience when it comes to providing reliable instruction and comprehensive training in the real estate industry.

Are you interested in cultivating a rewarding career in the thriving real estate business? Have you considered what it would be like to pursue a career as a Buyer’s Agent, a Listing Agent or a Real Estate Broker? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions but are currently working, in school or busy with familial responsibilities- do not become discouraged. REEDC may be the best option for your busy lifestyle. We believe that if you have a passion for real estate, you should not have to compromise your goals because you cannot commit to a traditional in-class learning environment. At REEDC, we understand that these days, people have a range of different routines, schedules and lifestyles. That is why our online real estate courses are so convenient for people today. REEDC is dedicated to providing you with the best online real estate courses to make your dream become a reality. You can learn more about our range of online real estate courses at our Online Appraisal and Real Estate Course Directory. REEDC is pleased to announce that we are now working in partnership with the highly respected Career Webschool to offer a full-suite of interactive courses nationwide.

A Range of Online Real Estate Courses

For online real estate courses, there is no more experienced or reliable institution than REEDC. We offer comprehensive online classes and expert one-on-one training and mentorships to students across the United States. For nearly 30 years, REEDC has provided amazing New York real estate licensing classes and continuing education to NY real estate agents, brokers, and individuals seeking real estate careers. However, REEDC’s capabilities and interests do not stop there. Our team of highly skilled, talented and respected instructors wants to share their knowledge with people online. Our online real estate courses are guaranteed to provide you with the information and training required to cultivate a successful career in real estate.

At REEDC, our online real estate courses can teach you how to become a:

  • Buyer’s Agent: A Buyer’s Agent is dedicated to helping homebuyers find their dream home.
  • Listing Agent: A Listing Agent is committed to helping their client sell their home.
  • Real Estate Broker: A real estate salesperson can upgrade their career to become a broker after they have completed 2 years of professional experience in their field.


To learn more about REEDC and online real estate courses, please call 866-595-0398 and visit www.reedc.com.