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The G$ System: Maximizing Your Rental Business – Part 5: “Put It In Writing”

Get it in Writing Ask yourself what you do on the first appointment that impresses the rental prospect. If the answer is “I don’t know” or “Not much” you need to remedy the situation: Put it in writing. Every successful business gives new potential customers or clients “written information of value” designed to impress and [...]

Selling Houses: What Property Features Should You Mention in Ads?

Whether you are advertising a house in a newspaper or online, it is important to decide which property features you will describe in the headline and ad copy. One good strategy is to make a list of your property’s most appealing features, then decide which of them to trumpet in your ad. Depending on the [...]

Using Direct Mail Marketing as a Real Estate Agent

The first thing to remember when using direct mail marketing is to be persistent. You rarely get a crop of new clients on the first and second try and if your current direct marketing campaign isn’t working, use different methods. For example, if you’ve been using postcards but with no success, start an e-mail newsletter [...]

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