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Consider Transportation when You Pick Residential and Rental Properties

Transportation to and from residential properties influences their ability to generate income and appreciate in value. There are two kinds of transportation to keep in mind: public transportation and roads. But start by considering who will occupy the property that you will rent or sell. Are they more likely to drive to the places where [...]

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Add a Master Suite for a High-Value Home Renovation

If you are looking at older homes that you would like to renovate and resell for healthy profits, here’s a piece of advice . . . Add a master suite A master suite – an area of a home that contains a large bedroom, a master bath, as well as closets and possibly a dressing [...]

Investment: Owner-Occupied Multi-Family Home

One of the best ways to get a start in real estate investing is to invest in a small two-family or three-family home and occupy one of the units. “I live rent-free,” says one such investor, “and in a few years, I will move into the kind of single-family home I want and rent out [...]

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Don’t Let Mold Ruin Your Real Estate Investment Plans

How serous a problem is mold? Mold has been tied to asthma, skin problems, and allergic reactions. That’s why mold is something you really don’t want in your buildings – whether you are renting them, renovating them, or living in them. Here are some ways to reduce the chances that a building you are considering [...]

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Should You Take a Deposit when a Renter Fills Out an Application?

You’ve spent months getting an apartment or house ready to rent. Today you’re showing it to potential tenants. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could start to generate some positive investment income, starting today? It would be nice, of course. Yet accepting security deposits from potential tenants is usually not a good idea. Granted, some [...]

Buy Residential Properties in Communities with Great Schools

Why You Should Invest in Communities with Great Schools  If you’re a parent and you are about to start shopping for a house to live in, one of your first thoughts will be, “I want to buy in a community that has top-notch schools.” As a real estate investor, you should be thinking that way [...]

NYC Brokers Optimistic In 2012 After Tough 2011

Despite anemic home prices around the country and a sour market in the fourth quarter of 2011 in New York City, city brokers have high hopes for 2012, according to a recent report by the Real Estate Board of New York. According to REBNY, 60 percent of the residential broker members it surveyed expect some [...]

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