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About Real Estate Education Center

Taking a course at Real Estate Education Center (REEDC) not only means you learn a new skill. It also means that you join a creative business community where everyone’s learning and everyone’s building their own business.

Choose your specialty, whether it’s Real Estate, Insurance, Appraisal, Mortgage, Property Management, or Home Inspection; REEDC offers licensing for those who want to start their careers, and continuing education courses for student professionals looking to learn more.

Licensing Courses, Continuing Education Courses

REEDC is the type of school where relationships are built. We build relationships with those around us. At REEDC, you will have an opportunity to connect with other industry professionals in the community. Whether it’s your instructor, a classmate, or a visiting speaker — everyone has something useful to share. That’s what makes taking a class at REEDC so valuable, it’s the interaction, and the experience of learning about real estate in the heart of New York City.

We offer job placement assistance for all six career specialties offered at REEDC. In particular, the real estate salesperson program offers speakers and recruiters with presentations available for students to sign-up and get involved. These presentations about individual firms help new salespeople start their careers at a firm that has a culture that is suited for them.

If you have questions or need help choosing your career, REEDC has a team of dedicated Career Advisors on hand to assist you. We also offer more resources for students taking state licensing exams, including an optional review class. Needed books or calculators are sold in each of the three locations for added convenience.

Reasons to choose REEDC include our outstanding class flexibility offered to our students. Since we have 3 locations, that’s three times the flexibility. For instance, students who work in Manhattan have the advantage of attending a school that has a location also in Manhattan. As fellow New Yorkers know, anything that can shorten the subway or taxi commute is a relief.

Our locations are located in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. Each location is conveniently placed to be close to you, whether you’re coming from home, or stopping by after work. Our schools are open long hours to make sure that each student receives the help and resources they need within their industry’s community.

Whichever course of study you choose at REEDC, you can be confident that the information you’re learning in your classes is up-to-date and approved by necessary organizations such as the New York Department of State, Department of Financial Services, and the NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System). These organizations have been established under the goal of maintaining high standards for their respective fields. The curriculum at REEDC adheres to these standards and takes them seriously.

For resources and more from REEDC, get involved with us on our social media pages. We keep up with recent real estate news topics in NYC and share it with our followers.

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