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Afternoon with a Broker Workshop Class

 Broker Class, Real Estate Education



Join us for a hands-on introduction to real estate from a local NYC broker. Classes will feature brokers from different real estate firms to give perspective.

The session starts with students meeting at a coworking office space in downtown Brooklyn at Industrious Brooklyn. During the 4-hour workshop, students will have the chance to hear what it’s like working as a NYC agent as the Broker tests what you think you know about real estate and forces you to take a deeper look. Following the class portion, the Broker will take the group out to an actual property, for a true hands-on NYC real estate learning experience.

Key discussion points include:

  • How to show an apartment
  • Knowing important principles
  • The best books to read in your spare time for a deeper understanding of real estate

You can also expect to hear about what it’s like working in their office, how their office works, what their company culture is like to decide if their firm might be a match for you. At the end, the Broker will hold personal interviews for those who are interested, so be sure to bring your resume and a cover letter explaining why real estate is the field you wish to get involved with.

Get started now. You can enroll for a Afternoon with a Broker Workshop Class by registering online below, or calling us at 800-547-6020

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