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Home Inspection Licensing Course

Home Inspectors are the investigators of the real estate world. They are called in to determine if a property is in acceptable condition to be safely sold. A home inspector will inspect a property inside and out to determine if it is up to code and safe. A property will often not go under contract if it does not receive a favorable inspection report.

Why are Home Inspectors important to the Real Estate Industry?

Home Inspection is critical to the industry for a number of reasons. As mentioned above, it can affect the sale price of the home. If there is a significant defect in the property it could mean that it will not get sold at all. Often buyers will hire an Inspector to evaluate their purchase but this is not always the case. Sellers may hire a Home Inspector to help them to determine that their property is in the best possible shape in order to place the highest listing price on it.

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What Makes a good Home Inspector?

Home Inspectors need to have a number of skills to do their job. They need to have a solid understanding of construction, electrical, plumbing and masonry. Understanding of ventilation, insulation, heating and cooling are also leverages. They also need to understand materials from the perspective of wear and tear. If a home has a roof that may need to be changed in the near term, a Home Inspector will report that and submit it for consideration to the buyer. This may affect the final price of the home.

Home Inspectors have a keen eye for detail and scrutinize quality in everything they do.

Interested in this career path?
The next step is to take a class
Learn more about the Home Inspection Licensing course

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