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Insurance Career Overview

Risk is inherent in each of our lives. Whether it comes with the stress of owning a home, buying a car, or just living in general, the possibility of something going wrong is ever-present. This possibility of something going wrong is called risk, and it is this risk that drives the insurance industry.

4 simple steps to a successful insurance career

Insurance is always in demand because people will always be looking for ways to minimize risk in their personal lives and businesses.

While intangible, the idea of managing risk is not a new concept. Throughout history, the types of insurance offered have been
expanded in reaction to new risks. In America, insurance was first available as early as 1752 by an insurance company started by Benjamin Franklin.
The company Philadelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire was started in response to a great fire that took
many wooden Philadelphia homes, and burned down half the city. Since then, the market has evolved with the needs of the times and now includes everything from life and health, (covering ailments and injuries) car, homes and properties; to other assets such as motorcycles, RV’s and yachts.

Insurance and Retirement

There are clear crossovers between the insurance industry and others. Many times, financial advisors will supplement their offering to their clients by getting licensed in insurance sales. This will allow them to create more powerful strategies that incorporate retirement vehicles such as annuities, IRA’s and 401ks into the long term plan of protection of their clients’ financial futures. Conversely, many insurance professionals also find themselves getting certified in financial planning to do the same.

For insurance agents and brokers, this is good news. With all the types of insurance to sell, satisfying the needs and wants of clients is getting easier. With new reforms in the industry, including state and government-mandated options, insurance is on the path to becoming more accessible and affordable than ever.

While no one wants to think that something catastrophic could happen to them or their property,
insurance agents and brokers are here to help. By becoming a licensed agent or broker, you’ll be joining the ranks of people who are making it their job to help their clients protect their investments. Insurance professionals provide a valuable service to their communities.

Find out more about why today, more than ever, is the time to be involved in the insurance industry. While many people start with Property and Casualty, you could also study Life, Accident and Health or Public Adjuster.

The 3 main forms of Insurance Careers:

Life, Accident and Health icon
Life, Accident & Health

Life, Accident & Health professionals help people find the right policies to cover expenses in the event of things such as injury, accidents, and disability.

These professionals deal mostly with the people end of the business. For this reason it is commonly referred to as ‘consumer’ insurance.

Property and Casualty icon
Property & Casualty

Property & Casualty professionals generally work with insurance that covers items such as a car, house, or business.

They work in a similar manner to Life, Accident & Health Insurance Professionals with regard to the planning and risk management.

Public Adjusters icon
Public Adjusters

Public Adjusters are privately contracted by individuals or businesses. They act as an impartial third party who assesses an insurance situation, knows the specifics of the policies and coverage purchased by their client to determine if the settlement received by their client is fair and equitable.

In short, they are insurance advocates for their clients.

But, is insurance a reliable career choice?

But, is insurance a reliable career choice?

Insurance is one of the most stable industries in the United States. It offers a wide range of interesting jobs, rewarding career paths and professional growth opportunities. As long as people continue to live longer, require healthcare, and own cars and homes; insurance will be a necessary part to everyday living. And Insurance professionals are the most transferrable of licenses. You are able to practice your craft in most states without having to be re-licensed to do so.

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Pick an insurance type:
Life, Accident & Health, Property & Casualty, or Public Adjuster
But, is insurance a reliable career choice?

You can obtain either an agent or broker license for insurance. Both designations use the same curriculum but may require a different exam. The difference between an agent and broker license is that brokers are able to start their own insurance agency or brokerage and require more experience. It is a wise idea to obtain a broker’s license if you have an interest in running your own business one day. Brokers work in a similar capacity in Insurance as they do in Real Estate. They are managers, teachers, coaches and recruiters. Intuitively, with the greater responsibility comes greater income potential.

Interested in this career path?
The next step is to take a course Pick an insurance type:
Life, Accident & Health, Property & Casualty, or Public Adjuster

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