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NYC Certified Commercial Salesperson Course

Commercial Real Estate Market
Understanding the Commercial Market

This NYC Certified Commercial Salesperson Course is designed to work together (though not required) with the New York State licensing course to help provide greater detail about the commercial side of real estate.

Commercial properties are acquired with the intent to make a profit for developers and investors through a high monthly cash-flow. In this course, students learn ways they can help their clients to obtain a profitable deal by examining the types of properties they are likely to encounter in NYC, along with methods to calculate accurate property analysis.

This 8-hour seminar focuses on the types of commercial properties that

NY Commercial real estate is a highly specialized field. The dollar amounts are huge when working in the commercial sector.

Maximize Monthly Cash Flow
High Monthly Cashflow

thrive within the New York City market. These include but are not limited to: industrial, office, multi-family residential, retail, mixed-use, land (zoned-residential or commercial) hotels and movie theatres.

Industrial properties, and those used for the purposes or production, manufacturing, and distribution will be covered in-depth as these tend to be high value property for investors. Types covered include: bulk, freestanding, multi-tenant, warehouse, research & development and industrial park properties.

Extra focus is also paid to multi-family housing, as any building over 5 units is generally purchased for investment purposes and has a unique

Analysing Commercial Property
Accurate Property Analysis

set of rules and regulations in dealing with tenants. Methods for increasing return on investment on these types of property are discussed.

Discussion topics and real estate terminology include:

  • – Differences between residential and commercial properties
  • – Commercial real estate lease types
  • – Triple Net and Gross Leases
  • – Calculations used in leasing and sales
  • – Capitalization Rate (Cap rate)
  • – Net Operating Income (NOI)
  • – Price Per Square Foot (PPSF)
  • – Rent Control vs. Rent Stabilized

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