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Fair Housing Laws Explained

Fair Housing Laws Explained



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The Fair Housing Laws Explained course is to educate agents and brokers to the issues important to successful real estate professionals. Fair Housing is something to which close attention must be paid.

It is fairly common for landlords or brokers to discriminate against tenants or prospective buyers, on the basis of race, religion, origin, and financial status. The goal of this course is to raise your awareness of housing discrimination in real estate practice, on topics that include disability protection, sexual and hate crimes, and familial status protection. This course satisfies the 3-hour fair housing requirement as part of the 22.5 hour continuing education needed for license renewal.

You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the fair housing laws and how they are applied to real estate sales, mortgage lending, homeowners' insurance, and publicly subsidized housing markets. Learn how discrimination is defined in real estate, how one can avoid discriminating practices, and what the consequences are for non-compliance with laws.

Increasing your awareness could help you:

  • Avoid, navigate, and cope with unlawful situations
  • Expect equal treatment and access to all properties from landlords, agents, brokers, realtors and home sellers
  • Assert tenant rights—landlords must accommodate their needs at their own expense

Obtain the knowledge you need from an industry professional who is dedicated to promoting equal housing opportunity through education and enforcement.

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