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Risk Management

Risk Management



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Real Estate & Insurance Continuing Education Course

Cross-approved as a continuing education (CE) course for Real Estate Salespeople and Insurance Agents, this course provides students the opportunity to explore risk management and how it relates to real estate transactions, brokerage, appraisal, mortgage lending and banking services.

You’ll be provided a broad range of solutions, including property, casualty, and financial services as well as additional areas related to risk management. Gain an insight on management methods and master the ways that risks can be avoided, mitigated, and properly controlled.

Develop the skills to effectively control, assess, and finance risk You will learn to:

  • Avoid misrepresentation and limit your liability
  • Protect your business assets
  • Effectively communicate with all parties involved

Gain the knowledge you need to provide top-notch services to clients and customers alike. >REEDC’s Continuing Education courses are designed to give you practical knowledge that will enhance your career by making you a better salesperson, broker, risk manager, CSR, adjuster, or underwriter.

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