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11 hr NY SAFE Comprehensive: The Proficient MLO

11-hour NY SAFE Compliance in Action



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This continuing education course provides a refresher of ethics, fair lending, fraud, and consumer protection topics for Mortgage Loan Originators.

The one-hour elective focuses on analysis of appraisal reports with attention paid to details mortgage loan originators should review. The course also covers the required three-hours on New York law by focusing on mortgage fraud.

In this 11-Hour course you will review:

  • Recent industry trends, updates & issues related to the laws discussed.
  • Case studies on ethics & fair lending.
  • Case studies on appraisal & mortgage fraud.
  • Examples of RESPA violations.

This 11 hr NY SAFE Comprehensive: The Proficient MLO is designed to meet the core criteria established by the SAFE Act for national mortgage loan originators,The course covers the required two-hours on nontraditional lending by discussing suitability of nontraditional loans v. traditional loans for particular types of buyers.

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