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Upcoming Courses

Course Location Date / Time Discipline
Property & Casualty Manhattan 5/13/2019-5/31/2019 Insurance
Property & Casualty Manhattan 5/18/2019-7/7/2019 Insurance
Property & Casualty Queens 7/13/2019-9/1/2019 Insurance
Property & Casualty Manhattan 8/20/2019-10/10/2019 Insurance
Property & Casualty Manhattan 9/16/2019-10/3/2019 Insurance
Property & Casualty Manhattan 0/5/2019-11/17/2019 Insurance
Life, Accident & Health Queens 8/10/2019-8/11/2019 Insurance
Life, Accident & Health Manhattan 9/8/2019-9/9/2019 Insurance
Public Adjuster Manhattan 6/3/2019-6/14/2019 Insurance
Public Adjuster Manhattan 8/2/2019-8/11/2019 Insurance
Public Adjuster Manhattan 11/1/2019-11/10/2019 Insurance
Registered Apartment Manager (RAM) Queens 7/9/2019-8/2/2019 Real Estate CE
Registered Apartment Manager (RAM) Manhattan 9/23/2019-10/30/2019 Real Estate CE
Registered Apartment Manager (RAM) Manhattan 2/17/2019-3/25/2019 Real Estate CE
Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Manahttan 5/18/2019 Real Estate CE
Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Manhattan 8/24/2019 Real Estate CE
NY Real Estate Broker Queens 7/9/2019-7/25/2019 Real Estate
NY Real Estate Broker Queens 9/9/2019-9/25/2019 Real Estate
Mortgage Loan Originator Manhattan 7/11/2019-7/25/2019 Mortgage
Mortgage Loan Originator Manhattan 8/15/2019-8/29/2019 Mortgage
Mortgage Loan Originator Queens 10/3/2019-10/17/2019 Mortgage
Mortgage Loan Originator Queens 12/5/2019-12/19/2019 Mortgage

About Real Estate Education Center

For the past 30 years, Real Estate Education Center (REEDC) has been helping people find success in a career in real estate.  We also specialize in insurance, appraisal, home inspection, mortgage and property management courses. No matter which stage of their career, we have licensing courses for those just starting a career, and continuing education (CE) for those who need a quick class to keep their license current. With real estate classes NYC offered online and on-location, REEDC offers students the freedom to choose.

Our courses and instructors are approved by the New York Department of State (NYDOS), the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), and the NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System). These NY state and national organizations govern educational requirements for students and professionals in the fields of real estate, insurance and mortgage.

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