Home Inspectors Minimize Risk

Why are Home Inspectors important? Every home or building sold should be checked to make sure there is no major damage, no building code violations and no hidden issues which may not be seen by the everyday buyer. Even real estate investors need someone who knows what to look for. Investors want to minimize surprises which may lead to more investment needed after the purchase of the building. Can you imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a building only to find it needs tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected repair? Without a professional inspection this could easily happen.

Home Inspector
Home inspections offer New York home buyers the extra protection they deserve.

Becoming a real estate inspector is a great way to change or improve your career path. Of course, like every other profession, there are regulations, standards and liabilities to consider. For this reason, your path to becoming a successful home inspector must begin in the classroom to learn all the basic knowledge and critical skills needed to get you started on your way. (One great feature of taking this program at REEDC – one class takes place in the field so you can learn through hands-on-training with a certified home inspector teaching you how to perform an actual home inspection.) Once you have successfully completed the home inspection course, you will be ready to begin your practical experience and join thousands across the nation who help keep America’s real estate industry strong.

What’s It Like to Be a Home Inspector?

Once you have completed your building inspector’s course and become licensed to inspect homes in New York, you will begin meeting real estate agents and brokers, real estate investors, homeowners, and others who are always in need of your services. Your assessments are a critical component in a real estate sales transaction and parties involved rely on your expertise to provide clarity on the condition of the real property and therefore minimize risk.  Inspecting buildings can be a very lucrative career and also give you the opportunity to have more control over your work day and your future.

What Does It Take to Be a Home Inspector?

As with every new career you may consider, there are many techniques and processes that you must learn of. The classroom conducted home inspection course will teach you about the various functions of an inspector, such as grading, procedures and reporting, and familiarize you with the laws of New York when it comes to performing your job. While this is not an easy job to perform, chances are, if you have an eye for detail and passion for thoroughness, you will be able to make the grade and become a state approved real estate inspector.

New York Home Inspector Filling Out Forms
As a New York licensed home inspector you will help the buyer mitigate risk.

For the person who likes having specialized knowledge and skills and enjoy being an authority and influential in their industry, becoming an inspector is an excellent career choice. Inspectors do not have to worry about setting the value of a property – they are solely concerned with the condition of it. Home inspectors look for hidden damages like water leaks or cracks in foundations. They may also find potential code violations like missing handrails on stairs or an inoperable fire door.  This hawk-eye ability to search and find all issues that help determine if a property is safe and up to code makes a home inspector invaluable to the real estate sales process. Home inspectors provide a necessary and valuable service to help facilitate the transfer of property with most or all surprises eliminated. To learn more about what it takes to be a home inspector check out our Home Inspection Career Overview page.

How to Get Started as a Home Inspector

Sitting through the hours in class needed to become a New York licensed home inspector may well be the hardest part of the process. Still, it is required and necessary. With the right instructor, it really can be a fun and enjoyable learning experience. After all, even as smart and skilled as you may be, there are always new lessons to learn, opportunities to network with peers and staff, experiences to share with, and personal tips from the teachers that may come in handy one day. The classes are designed to teach you textbook and real life lessons before you get into the field through interactive learning. What are you waiting for? The real estate industry is leveling out and agents and buyers need your service as a building inspector today. If you are unsure which Home Inspection Course is right for you, check out our comparison table for some guidance. Or, call our school for more information.  Our staff is always happy to answer any questions you have about the real estate industry, specialized fields such as home inspection, or specific inquiries about the programs.