Everything is ready with your property, but what exactly can you say to make it standout to potential renters and buyers? How can you get a better sense for where to price your place? While there are countless ways to find these answers, the Internet is home to countless tools that can expedite your search and provide unique information on your home. This post makes note of a few of the many online aides that can help supplement what you already know to better sell or rent your home.

Zillow (www.zillow.com) and Trulia (www.trulia.com) are both real estate comparison sites. With a zip code you can quickly find local properties for sale and rent. While these sites by no means provide comprehensive listings, they can present a swath of comparable data. Not only might this help in determining your own asking price, but you can also get a better sense of what differentiates your property.

Walk Score (www.walkscore.com) gives you a one-to-one hundred numerical score that represents the proximity of your property to conveniences (restaurants, movie theaters, subway stops, etc.) and necessities (hospitals, grocery stores, etc.). Beyond simply the score, the site lays out all the surrounding businesses and public transportation stops near your home. For any property in a metropolitan area, this sixty second search can provide you with a wealth of information for potential buyers and renters.

Crime Reports (www.crimereports.com) does what you might imagine it would – provides a comprehensive listing of criminal activity in the area surrounding your home. This can give you better insight into your home, your neighborhood, and can give you an additional selling point when listing.

Eduction.com includes the ability to find nearby schools and provides rankings of their test scores (http://www.education.com/schoolfinder/). While not every buyer or renter utilizes the school system, for those who do it can be a significant selling point.

The tools provided by these sites can help provide a more complete picture of your home to potential buyers and renters, and these are just a sample of what additional information can be gained from the web. Moreover, as some potential buyers and renters may access these tools on their own, it is best to know what they are going to see. That said, these sites should be seen as a supplement to the information you’ve already put together on your home.