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Basic Appraisal Principles (R5)

Basic Appraisal Principles R5



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Basic Appraisal Principles is a 30-hour course part of the residential appraisal series of classes at REEDC.

Learn the basic appraisal principles, concepts, and characteristics that influence real estate values.

Topics Covered:

  • The appraisal profession
  • Real Property Concepts & Characteristics
  • Legal Considerations
  • Value
  • Approaches to Value
  • Highest & Best Use
  • Economic Appraisal Principles
  • Overview of Real Estate Markets & Analysis
  • Ethics and How They Apply in Real Estate Appraisal

Note: Students interested in the Assistant Appraiser, Licensed Appraiser or Certified Residential career paths will need to take this course before they apply for their license.

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