The first thing to remember when using direct mail marketing is to be persistent. You rarely get a crop of new clients on the first and second try and if your current direct marketing campaign isn’t working, use different methods. For example, if you’ve been using postcards but with no success, start an e-mail newsletter and mail it out to people on the mailing list. Also target your direct marketing campaign to certain groups of people. If you’re primarily selling real estate to military families, send mass mailings to local Veterans’ Affairs workforce offices, nonprofit organizations that help military families or counseling offices which target military veterans.

According to, there is an untapped market for direct mail that targets renters. Real estate agents can increase commission by helping renters find apartments, and you can start by bringing brochures and pictured-filled postcards to college campuses as many college students are interested in living off campus. You should also target high-income families who want to rent apartments for business or vacation purposes.

If you’re using postcards to sell real estate, don’t clutter them with fluff and jargon. Instead, narrow in on the homes you’re selling and give brief information on those homes. Also include glossy pictures of the homes along with your contact information so potential buyers can get additional information. The postcards should have fun but not extravagant designs on them in bold colors.

If you have a sizable list of previous and current customers, mail flyers to them stating any upgrades to their neighborhoods such as the building of new roads and schools, new government housing regulations, special seminars you’re sponsoring, or some general tips on buying or selling a home. This shows customers you’re still interested in their real estate needs. Also, offer a discount on the commission fees to regular customers.

In addition to direct marketing, you always want to treat your clients with respect and consider their needs and wants while still offering your expertise. It also helps to go beyond your basic duties. For example, if a client needs a ride to an open house, offer your resources.