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Accelerated Insurance CE 16-hour Package

Accelerated Insurance CE 16-hour Package



Course Code:
NYCR-214775 & NYCR-235974

All Insurance agents, brokers, and producers must complete 15 credit hours of continuing education classes every two years to renew their license.

This course package fulfills that need on an accelerated and more convenient schedule. It offers students the unique opportunity to take the first section anytime at home and conclude the course with a one-day in-class lecture.

After studying with the included textbook, students come into class prepared to be tested on the material. During this 8-hour in-class lecture, students will be given the opportunity to clarify their at-home reading, and engage in class discussions lead by our experienced insurance instructor on the next class topic. Before the end of class, students will be tested on the material they’ve learned over the full class session.

Two courses are included in this complete package:

1. Effective Business Writing
Prepares Insurance professionals for understanding how to write business letters, memos, faxes, and email using industry-specific examples that are concise, well-organized, and reader friendly.

In this 8-hour course you will learn how to:

  • Update and improve key form letters within claims and underwriting
  • Improve the tone and persuasiveness of all documents
  • Develop skills to break up lengthy sentences and paragraphs that make readers lose interest
  • Appraise a business situation and compose an appropriate, clear, and well-written response

2. Risk Management
Provides students the opportunity to explore risk management and the various risks involved in writing good policies to safeguard, to stabilize, and increase profits of paid insurers.

In this 8-hour course, you’ll develop the skills to effectively assess risk, while also:

  • Avoiding misrepresentation and limiting liability
  • Effectively communicating with all parties involved

REEDC’s Continuing Education courses are designed to give you practical knowledge that will enhance your career by making you a better agent, broker, risk manager, CSR, adjuster, or underwriter.

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